Life’s Compass: Jesus, You, and the Essentials of the Faith

Christianity: What is it, and why should anyone care? Is it just another religion? Or is it the true worldview that provides answers to life’s most important questions? Now you can join Dr. Frank Turek as he highlights God’s purposes for our lives and the essentials truths of Christianity. Don’t miss it!  

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Why should you take this one of a kind course? 

Here are a few reasons! In this 17-part series, you’ll get practical answers to these and other important questions: 

1. What’s wrong with the world? 2. What is the Bible all About? 3. What’s the evidence that God created the universe? 4. What’s the evidence that God is sustaining the universe? 5. What does it mean to be made in God’s Image? 6. What are the essentials of Christianity? 7. What are the essentials of salvation? 8. How do faith and works relate? 9. How do faith and reason relate? 10. What are six mistakes we make interpreting the Bible? 11. What are four easy steps to rightly interpret the Bible? 12. Why do you say there are no verses in the Bible? 13. How does the Old Testament apply to us today? 14. What is God like? 15. Who is Jesus? 16. Where is Jesus in the Old Testament? 17. How did Jesus claim and prove to be God? 18. How could Jesus be God and not know all things? 19. What is the Trinity? 20. How does the Trinity impact love and relationships? 21. Why is the Resurrection so important? 22. What is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? 23. What do non-Christian scholars admit into evidence? 24. What do ancient non-Christian sources say? 25. What are some major NT archaeological finds? 26. What is God’s solution to our brokenness? 27. What is “faith” and why does God want it? 28. What is the purpose of life? 29. How should we live then?  

If you’ve ever been unsure or overwhelmed by the Bible or the vastness of Christian beliefs, then this course is for you. You’ll learn the essentials— and the evidence for them— right here!

The Life’s Compass: Jesus, You and the Essentials of the Faith Online Course offers highlights God’s purposes for our lives and the essentials truths of Christianity.

Dr. Frank Turek has been answering questions from believers and non-believers about the Christian faith for over 20 years. He has been able to narrow down the real questions behind most objections so that you won’t get diverted by rabbit trails. His study guides you through discussions and provides you with understandable and memorable answers.

The Life’s Compass: Jesus, You and the Essentials of the Faiths Course includes nearly 17 hours of video and a student workbook with further explanations and questions for thought and discussion. If you sign up for the premium course, you’ll be live on zoom video with Dr. Turek on 7 different occasions during the course for hour-plus Q&A sessions! But you’ll need to sign up soon because seats in the premium class are limited to ensure everyone can interact live with Frank.

Become a bold apologist for God!

Here's what you get in this course!

Basic Course



Nearly 17 hours of Video Lessons 17 Corresponding Study Guide Lessons PowerPoint Pdfs from the Video Lessons A “Toolbox” of additional lesson-enhancing videos and resources Access to Course Materials for 1 Year

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